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Latest advancements in digital video let the boundaries between reality and fiction disappear

Im not trying to do promo for Calvin Klein here, but this clip is amazing

No, I am not talking about the kiss of two girls. I am talking about the fact that one of the actors is well known model Bella Hadid and the other one is Miquela – a virtual reality persona with more than 1,6 million followers on Instagram (here).

Nobody knows, if there is a real person behind Miquela or if she is a purely digital product. This mystery might add to the fascination. But I still think it´s amazing that so many people follow a virtual character after all. Reading through the comments, you find affection and other feelings expressed so far only for other human beings. But times are changing, and maybe in 20 years headlines like this will no more be newsworthy: “Man marries hologram”! – Evening Standard

I don´t know, where the future is heading. But fiction writers came up with some very thought-provoking ideas on how our relationships with holograms, virtual avatars, robots etc might evolve. For further exploring start with Alita