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Quant IP Patent Rating

The unique approach of Quant IP Patent Rating makes predictive patent evaluation possible for the first time. We use AI to predict patent success and the quality of young patents. We help investors to perform the technological due dilligence the way they want it: quick, objective and statistically valid.

Grant Robustness

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How likely is it that a patent application is granted?

Market Potential

How many of the markets will a patent cover?

Citation Potential

How much impact will this invention have?


Grant Robustness

Grant Score

The higher the Grant Score, the higher the probability that a patent will be granted. Determine the specific probability of an application being granted based on statistical evaluations of thousands of decisions from patent offices around the world.

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Market Potential

Market Score

The higher the Market Score, the higher the predicted number of markets the innovation will cover 5 years after filing. Determine whether a patent will be an important international asset.


Citation Potential

Citation Score

The higher the Citation Score, the more likely a patent will be cited by other companies. Find out what the chances are that an invention will become one of the most important of its technological field.

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Patent Rating

Overall Quality

The Quant IP Patent Rating combines the Grant-, Market- and Citation-Scores, assessing the quality of patents objectively at a glance with one key metric. 

Quant IP: We are the link between IP and financial markets.

With expert knowledge from various areas and clever algorithms, we raise the treasure trove of global patent data for investors and companies. With the help of the latest findings in innovation research, we quantify innovation, help to make better decisions and generate better returns.