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We give business and financial experts access to the information treasure hidden in global data bases.
We discover technology trends and make it possible to benchmark the innovative strength of companies.
We quantify innovation and clear the view for the technology landscape of the future.

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We track down innovative companies, invest globally in equities and generate attractive returns.


We exploit patent data, analyze innovation and launch mutual fund and ETF concepts.


We analyze trends, identify exciting deals and conduct IP due diligence with real added value.


We identify critical technology trends, keep track of competitors and help you make better decisions.


Gold and Innovation

Gold and technology stocks are simultaneously experiencing a rally in 2020. That is rare. This in turn is good news for investors. In a turbulent stock market year 2020, two opposing investments have so far ...

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All eyes on Tiktok

The dispute over the video platform reveals that the battle for the Internet between the USA and China is already in full swing. The big question: what is Europe doing? A few months ago, Tiktok ...

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Powerful words from AI

The crisis of artificial intelligence has already been declared. Now GPT3 is causing astonishment and shows what is possible with old models. Twitter is full of them. Almost daily, testers of the new GPT3 language ...

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