Valuable Information

More than 120 million inventions make patent databases the library of human innovation. Patent data – combined with other data sources and smart algorithms – helps identify technology trends, find true innovation leaders, and avoid risks.

Smart Analytics

Quant IP brings together expertise from a wide range of fields. With our extensive experience in patent law, statistical expertise, and the help of intelligent AI-powered algorithms, we are ideally positioned to provide non-IP experts with valuable insights for better decision-making.

Clear Results

The prospects of success of patents, the technological competitive position of a company, the attractiveness of shares from an innovation perspective – we make this measurable. Objective criteria and statistically validated concepts provide tangible evaluations that lead to better decisions.

Concrete Applications

With our products, we help banks better assess credit risks, support investors in deal sourcing and smart tech DD. With our help, advisors can better understand technological competition and investors can invest specifically in shares of innovative companies.


Lucas scaled

Lucas von Reuss

Founder, CEO

Aaron scaled

Dr. Aaron Taudt

CTO, Data Scientist

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Micael Timonen

Head of sales

Aytac scaled

Aytaç Işık

Sr. Product Developer

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Besar Lami

Data Scıentıst


Dwip Shah

Sr. Business Development Manager


Sandra Thomas

Software Developer