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We mine the treasure trove of global patent data for decision-makers in business and finance.
We track down technology trends and make the innovative power of companies measurable.
We quantify innovation and provide a clear view of the technology landscape of the future.

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Use Cases of Patent Data

How do you account for innovation in your investment decisions?


Alpha Generation

Innovation leaders generate a long-term competitive advantage in both revenue and profit growth outperformance. With our data and analytics, you can find the innovation leaders set for outperformance.

Quant IP Patent Data Packages allow investors to find signals in company-level innovation metrics. Beyond raw metrics, the packages include proprietary innovation metrics for green innovation, patent quality and more.

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Learn how we helped asset managers find alpha from innovation and improve their coverage significantly beyond what the usual “R&D Expenses” can offer.


Fundamental Research

How good is a company’s technological competitive position? How well is it prepared for disruptive technology trends? We answer these questions quickly, objectively and statistically validated using proprietary patent metrics. This enables investors and lenders to assess technological opportunities and risks and make better decisions.

We serve thousands of clients with our Competitive Technology Reports.
Learn more about how our reports made one of the most successful launches of all time among 3rd Party Contributors at S&P Capital IQ.


Thematic Investing

Using predefined themes or creating custom ones, Quant IP’s API solution enables investors to do their own thematic research into innovation insights on technologies of interest. Finding companies with the most exposure to a theme and benchmarking innovation performance in themes, are only the beginning. Learn about the exact set of companies, you are looking for.

Find companies in:

Offshore Wind LiDAR Gene Therapy Solar Energy Electrical Vehicles

Learn how we helped asset managers create thematic equity baskets by patent focus (thematic patents/all patents) and generating alpha signals with all available metrics.

Our Products

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Patent Data Feeds

Find alpha in innovation using our patent data, cleanly mapped to financial identifiers.

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Technology Reports

Using patent metrics to determine the technological competitive position of companies

Thematic Search & API

Access innovation analytics using predefined themes, or create your own theme.

Global Patent Leaders Fund

Using patent data to invest in the world’s most innovative companies


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