Private Equity and Venture Capital

IP Analytics for private market investing

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  • Find relevant tech companies before others do by creating
    long lists of targets based on the similarity of their IP portfolio
  • Save time by spotting strengths and weaknesses in the tech portfolio of companies early on using proprietary ML-based IP quality metrics
  • Get ahead of the curve using IP-based trend analytics to
    understand emerging tech trends
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  • Save time and money with a comprehensive Tech DD report full of objective, transparent metrics on all companies with patent activity
  • Spot the most important technology competitors and get a clear picture of the competitive positioning of your target
  • Understand the most important tech trends for your target based on smart trend analytics
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  • Monitor your investments with automated reports
  • Spot new competitors, trends and shifts in the strengths
    and weaknesses of your target
  • Use objective, comparable metrics to manage risks over the investment period and prepare for exit

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