Stocks to watch

High innovation scores and positive price trends – keep an eye on those companies Our Quant IP Innovation Score quantifies the relative innovation strength of a company from the perspective of an investor. So it not only captures innovation growth, efficiency and quality. It also incorporates the valuation the market assesses to the company. The …

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The doom of Zoom

Amazing growth rates took Zoom´s stock to the moon. Beware of gravity returning. So far I never wrote about a single stock being overvalued. And I don´t know if it is a good time to start with Zoom, just as the stock breaks through 200 USD per share and is about to release spectacular growth …

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Innovation in software: Adobe

There are so many success factors for software companies. But patent activity is cited pretty rarely. Nevertheless there are good examples showing how a consistent innovation strategy based on patents is a good indicator for exceptional returns. I plotted the historical values for our Quant IP Innovation Score against the market cap of Adobe (see …

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