High innovation scores and positive price trends – keep an eye on those companies

Our Quant IP Innovation Score quantifies the relative innovation strength of a company from the perspective of an investor. So it not only captures innovation growth, efficiency and quality. It also incorporates the valuation the market assesses to the company. The cheaper I can get good relative innovation strength, the better for me as an investor – the higher the innovation score.

Innovation Score

Looking back to historic values it is pretty rare to see high or rising scores and very strong price trends in stocks at the same time. They mean that a company´s innovation strength grows as fast as it´s share price or even faster. I found 5 companies where this seems to be the case right now:

  1. GN Store, Denmark, hearing aids and headphones
GN Store

2. Coupa Software, USA, procurement, invoice and expense management software


3. Insulet, USA, insulin injection technology


4. Cadence, USA, chip design software


5. Intuit, USA, financial, accounting and tax preparation software