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One of the best tech observers on the planet delivered his outlook on 2020 – get the essence

130,000 subscribers can´t be wrong: Ben Evans is one of the brightest minds of the tech world. To get people excited about the new year, the pundit published a 128-page-presentation on the topics that will become important. I narrowed it down to 11 for you:

5 billion sensors collecting data for ML-algos

stock in our fund portfolio

trend even more pronounced when looking at numbers for under 60-year-olds

Gaming still underrated by analysts over 50

Way better than asking someone out in a bar

2019 was slightly down – but the level is amazing

patent data leads to smart glass releases in 2021

a really big scandal might push politics into attack mode

fake videos, fake personalities – this scares me the most

benevolent dictators like Apple, Alphabet are hard to grasp for regulators

perspective – the west will not make all the rules