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It looks like VR applications are just about to break through


It would not be the first time that Apple is not a pioneer but still rules. Rumors have it, that 2020 Apple will finally be selling Augmented Reality-headsets or smart glasses (here).

That would be 6 years after Google sold its first pair of Google glasses. But again: Apple’s success is not built on being first but being right there with a grown-up product when the world is ready for it.

The timing would be about right – now that Apple seems to have learned how to make wearables that people love and sell millions of watches and earpieces. And while these glasses are most likely limited to AR, VR-tech also seems to get it´s first real business applications. That will mostly happen first in porn and gaming, where Facebook bought a dedicated VR gaming company recently (here).

I know that AR and VR have been the next big thing for ten years. But the cycle of excitement and disappointment that haunts so many new technologies will end at some point. And the advent of a first Apple product might just be that end. Hundreds of patent applications from Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet lead to only one conclusion: Either the most powerful tech companies are all betting on a tech fad or soon virtual reality will become reality.

Patent applications of top 5 applicants:

vrpatents 1