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We give business and financial experts access to the information treasure hidden in global data bases.
We discover technology trends and make it possible to benchmark the innovative strength of companies.
We quantify innovation and clear the view for the technology landscape of the future.

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We track down innovative companies, invest globally in equities and generate attractive returns.


We exploit patent data, analyze innovation and launch mutual fund and ETF concepts.


We analyze trends, identify exciting deals and conduct IP due diligence with real added value.


We identify critical technology trends, keep track of competitors and help you make better decisions.


Stocks to watch

High innovation scores and positive price trends – keep an eye on those companies Our Quant IP Innovation Score quantifies the relative innovation strength of a company from the perspective of an investor. So it ...

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The doom of Zoom

Amazing growth rates took Zoom´s stock to the moon. Beware of gravity returning. So far I never wrote about a single stock being overvalued. And I don´t know if it is a good time to ...

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Innovation in software: Adobe

There are so many success factors for software companies. But patent activity is cited pretty rarely. Nevertheless there are good examples showing how a consistent innovation strategy based on patents is a good indicator for ...

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