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We mine the treasure trove of global patent data for decision-makers in business and finance.
We track down technology trends and make the innovative power of companies measurable.
We quantify innovation and provide a clear view of the technology landscape of the future.

Quant IP
Patent Rating

Using machine learning to predict the likelihood of patent success


Using patent metrics to determine the technological competitive position of companies

Global Patent
Leaders Fonds

Using patent data to invest in the world’s most innovative companies


Quant IP Patent Rating

Quant IP Patent Rating’s unique approach enables predictive patent valuation for the first time. We use AI to predict patent success and thus the quality of young patent applications. This allows investors to assess young patent portfolios and startups to communicate their technological quality.


Competitive Technology Reports

How good is a company’s technological competitive position? How well is it prepared for disruptive technology trends? We answer these questions quickly, objectively and statistically validated using propietary patent metrics. This enables investors and lenders to assess technological opportunities and risks and make better decisions.


GPL Funds

Quant IP Global Patent Leaders is an equity fund for long-term investment. We invest only in industries that remain viable thanks to constant innovation and use patent data to track down the world’s most innovative companies there. This allows investors to invest in stocks where innovation is high and the price is low.

Innovation Now

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