Innovation Metrics

Quant IP provides asset managers with numerous patent metrics for a universe of over 5000 stocks – from aggregated filing numbers to newly developed quality indicators. Quantitative asset managers can find a data history going back to the 1990s and can thus check the validity of the patent information for their models. Please find our White Paper (in collaboration with O’Shaughnessy Asset Management) on patent metrics and equity investing including back tests here.

Quant IP Innovation Score

The Quant IP Innovation Score measures the attractiveness of stocks in terms of the innovative strength of companies. This indicator makes it possible for the first time to assess stocks purely rule-based approach based on an innovation benchmarking. Fundamentally oriented asset managers can thus improve their research, while quantitative asset managers can integrate the score directly into their models. The Quant IP Innovation Score is the basis for our index offerings (see below) and the Quant IP Global Innovation Leaders fund.


Based on the Quant IP Innovation Score, we have developed a concept for the implementation of rule-based equity portfolios that invest in the most innovative companies in research-intensive industries. Numerous back tests show a stable and risk-adjusted outperformance compared to conventional indices. ETF providers can use index funds to make these indices investable for investors.


On a project basis, we offer asset managers in-depth analyses of the competitive situation of individual companies. Industry and trend analyses reveal the decisive technology trends and how companies are prepared for them. All analyses are data-based.