The power of innovation – More than 120 million inventions make patent databases the most extensive library of human innovations. Global patent data – in combination with other data sources and smart algorithms – helps investors, companies and consultants to identify technology trends, find innovation leaders and make better decisions.


Interdisciplinary team – Quant IP brings together experts from different fields to unearth data treasures and reveal true innovation. With our extensive experience in patent law, our statistical expertise and the help of intelligent, AI-based algorithms, we provide investors and companies with valuable information to actually work with.


Quantify innovation – With our key innovation metrics, asset managers are able to quantify the innovative power of companies and thus generate better returns. Our advanced analytics help companies as well as VC and PE investors to identify technology trends, innovation leaders, monitor competitors and improve IP due diligence.


Lucas von Reuss

Co-Founder, CEO

Phillip Creutzmann

Data Scientist

Dr. Aaron Taudt

Data Scientist

Ariola Lami

Software Engineer

Besar Lami

Data Analyst

Sweety Mohanty

Software Engineer