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Smart Monitoring for a Smart World - With more than 100 million inventions from all over the world, patent data is the live record of human innovation. We believe in the power of patent data to help companies and investors identify trends and shifts in technology, find true innovation leaders and make better decisions.


Interdisciplinary team - Founded in 2018, Quant IP brings together experts from various fields to extract value from the information buried in more than 120 million patent documents. We put together deep experience in patent law and patent data, statistical expertise and smart, AI-powered algorithms to serve companies and investors from Munich around the globe.


Quantify innovation - We develop smart solutions for IP-heavy companies, VC- and PE-investors to monitor technological change and competition activity, enhance IP Due Diligence and follow the latest tech trends. We create valuable metrics for asset managers to quantify the innovation power of companies making it possible to invest in the most innovative companies of the world.


Big Data and AI - Quant IP uses smart algorithms and AI-powered software to gain insights from both patent data and financial metrics. We evaluate the quality of the innovation process of thousands of companies worldwide and reveal their true innovation power.

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Lucas von Reuss Co-Founder, CEO

Philip CreutzmannData Scientist

Dr. Aaron TaudtData Scientist

Nilofer Banoo Software Developer

Axel Stellbrink Co-Founder

Ariola Lami Software Developer

Besar LamiData Analyst

Sweety Mohanty Software Developer

Ruben Wiedemann Data Analyst

Products and Services

Quant IP Innovation Score

We at Quant IP are convinced that patent data contains valuable information for investors. To make this information accessible, we developed patent-based measures to quantify innovation power of companies and put them together to one, simple indicator: The Quant IP Innovation Score.

This aggregated indicator for consistency, quality and efficiency of a company's innovation process makes it possible to rank listed companies according to their innovation power and build portfolios to outperform regular equity indices.

Quant IP Innovation Score can help active asset managers select the most innovative companies and build rule-based portfolios for purely quantitative strategies. Further we offer to license our methodology under the INIX® brand to interested index and ETF providers.

Portfolios created by Quant IP can cover specific industries, countries and technologies, or use broad equity indices as a benchmark. We cover all companies worldwide with a patent portfolio sufficient in size.

Find out more about innovation as a leading indicator for stock performance in our White Paper with our partner O'Shaughnessy Asset Management.

If you are an Index Provider or Asset Manager and want to learn more about Quant IP Innovation Score get in touch with us

Global Innovation Leaders Fund

Quant IP Global Innovation Leaders Fund is a global equity fund that invests in the world's most innovative companies. The stock selection is based exclusively on the Innovation Score developed by Quant IP. This makes it possible to measure the consistency, quality and efficiency of a company's innovation process and to evaluate listed companies in terms of their innovative strength.

Further information about the fund can be found here.

Our partners:

Find out more about innovation as a leading indicator for stock performance in our White Paper with our partner O'Shaughnessy Asset Management.

Patent Monitoring & Search

defines a quantum leap in patent monitoring technology. Whether you want to monitor activity around your own patent, get an overview over other technological fields, or find potential infringement cases, the tool allows you to perform these analyses with ease and precision. Try it here for free.


Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, M&A Advisors - Use our customized research services to navigate latest tech trends and find new targets. Let us help you analyzing strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolios before or during a transaction.

Asset Managers - Use Quant IP Innovation Score to enhance your fundamental research in patent related industries or build purely innovation-based portfolios.

Index Providers - Use Quant IP Innovation Score to create equity indices for R&D-related equities. Customize your offer according to size, sectors or geographical.


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Quant IP Global Innovation Leaders Fund successfully launched
Munich, July 22, 2019 - The Munich start-up Quant IP has launched its first investment fund. The Global Innovation Leaders Fund invests globally in equities of companies with particularly high innovative power, which is determined based on the Quant IP Innovation Score developed by Quant IP. The selection of equities... download press release.

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